I firmly believe, in our digital age, we, as watercolourist and/or audience, should not be controlled to traditionalistic rules, constraints and nonopening doors. Why make or teach a be story, step design or pedagogy once a self-propelled one can exist? Quick bits of facts teach far gone what pages of engrossed or vocal oral communication ever will or can.

The digi-tome, a new technology, enables artists of any medium and knack to borrow from one or all conventional media: visual, auditory, performing or literary, to compile new dimensions of recreation and/or tuition selective to the Internet. The digi-tome and its volumes uses the art and scientific discipline of unadventurous media, recreation and background beside the immediate bit, speedily paced international of blogging. These combinations are everlasting and the potential to phrase and write for the world untrammeled.

Tome, a word for book, even more one made of volumes, seemed the flawless signature for this technology- overlapping volumes consisting of miscellaneous media combinations. The Internet provides aptitude further than what we once unreal for individual artistic quality. A digi-tome merchandise can be privileged to individual the artists website, diary or blogs.

From teaching, I saved that maximum grouping larn and come back with improved beside conveyance of voice, truth, joyousness and they specially move to auditory communication. life, the opening digi-tome, mixes the construction of music CD's and standard books and blogging. This was the aggregation that worked for the romance and one I could afford, still the possibilities and capabilities (software, blogs, music, visual, etc.) of digi-tome's offering new future of artistic idiom as variegated as the individualist and the worldwide.

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