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"Parking Expert" Erik Feder gets a NYC room mark - on

Is it prospective that the City has lateen-rigged a few style of policy that
detects once a driver has departed their car at a meter minus
Many readers of PARKAZINE ("Parking Expert" Erik Feder's
free NYC room e-newsletter) niggle just about how immediate NYC constabulary and
traffic officers pen room tickets - particularly at elbow room meters. These
drivers plaint the information that they with the sole purpose gone their cars for a diminutive and
BANG! - within was a way commercial document on the screen.

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The experiment: The Parking Expert tries it for himself

After getting oodles of emails repining roughly this style of thing, Erik
figured that any A.) People were exaggerating and they were really
gone a lot longer than a tiny or B.) Something amusing is going on. With
that in mind, he settled to conduct a elfin research project. Feder lay at
a metre on 2nd Ave in Manhattan, didn't put resources in the meter,
started his stopwatch and ducked into a shop. With no police or
traffic officers in sight; the "Parking Expert" arranged he'd hold up to 10
minutes and walk out if he didn't get a label.

The result: Faster than you can say "Except Sunday"

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The eldest little passed uneventfully. Suddenly, a personnel car zoomed up
and stopped alongside Erik's car. The serviceman sat in attendance for a few
seconds, hopped out, mistreated a mark on the windscreen and sped
away. The example on Feder's stopwatch: 93 seconds!

Coincidence? While numerous may imagine so, the "Parking Expert" is skeptical.
As for the room ticket, of education he was readying to pay it, but even
though the ticket was created near one of those new hand-held
computers, the instance of issuance, solar day of offense, way metre # and
parking commercial document # are all any deficient or unreadable. You KNOW that Feder
is operational this one!

Copyright 2006 Rhythmo Productions

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