No one truly knew how bad the Miami structure flea market was until the keep in custody concluding dark of a full-size digit of realtors caught burial a large sculpture of St. Joseph in the midway of the Miami Circle, a revered pre-Columbian place at the oral cavity of the Miami River. Considered to be the customer god of real estate agents, police force were gobsmacked by the effigy's mass.

"This is the largest one we've found yet," wise a S.W.A.T squad ambassador who wished to stay unidentified. "For geezerhood St. Joseph statues have been turn up, but never this magnitude. Usually they're no large than 8-inches. This one was over and done with 8-feet high."

Realtors, agelong well thought out a wealthiness go to cult by various theologians, have been concealing St. Joseph statues for old age in bidding to hasten a merchandising. Known as the "underground true belongings agent", St. Joseph is commonly concealed person in charge premier in the broken or in a granger on the geographic region. Once the mart is made, it is appointed that the histrion locate the carving and put it in a spectacular place in their new home- not succeeding finished on the ultimate part could peril their prox slap-up fortune, according to the "instructions" that come through with the statues.

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Considering Miami has one of the large Catholic populations in the U.S. and a stupendous figure of hoi polloi of Santeria, the Afro-Cuban spirituality that mixes Catholic saints near African gods, it is not curious that, reported to Phil Cates, property owner of the website , Miami is the biggest bazaar for these gentle of things. Statewide he estimates he's oversubscribed 6,000 statues.

And for all the skeptics reading this, Mr. Cates says you can go to his website to publication the testimonials on the statue's place.

"Sales," he said, "have newly absent screwy."

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Which may be best for him, but seeing a St. Joseph this volume has umpteen business analysts lost in thought. For the primary example in a decade, territory prices have down in August from gross revenue of the foregoing year. A written document free this period by the Florida Association of Realtors paints an bloodcurdling icon. Single home homes brutal 34% and home sales born 41% from the most recent period.

As two constabulary officers struggled with a broker who was someone led distant in handcuffs, he was overheard shouting to everybody who would perceive that, "It's not a bubble, I transmit you! It's not a bubble!"

According to the Miami S.W.A.T team, most of the scallywag realtors were arrested in concluding night's incursion and that the public want not concern those that got away. "Don't be afraid going on for them upcoming into your yards in the intermediate of the dark to bury their statues. They departed their shovels at the rear and we cognise how to publication fingerprints. We'll have them ovoid up and put losing bars back you know it."

Asked what law they broke, MVB was told that they had deconsecrated a inspirational position.

"What inviolate site?" we asked.

"The Miami Circle."

"'Sacred?'" we laughed. "There's cypher holy active that discus of holes in the crushed. Hell, they single saved a shark's pointed tooth and a used prophylactic at hand. Some experts focus it's zero more than an old infective tank."

"Listen, bub," we were told in no uncertain terms, "As extended as our county washed-out $27 million for it, it's consecrate."

MVB can't lay out near that.

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