The following reports is truly of my own. It was a "virgin experiment" thatability took plop concerning January 14, 2001 and January 17, 2001. At thatability time, I terribly craved to cognize if the answers I was delivery from God were actual truth, or not.

I asked my young man at the juncture to ask me questions thatability he knew I had undeniably no anterior skill more or less. I wrote down the questions, slept for 3 not clear days, and woke up bringing done the answers in forty cardinal manus graphic pages.

What I am in the order of to stock certificate beside you are solitary the answers thatability I accept can be for anyone's eyes, still the more personal questions thatability were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because theyability are in person and would not serve any design for you whatsoever.

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For concealment purposes, I have changed the identify to "Al" once a moniker was mentioned. I must information thatability I slipshod broad school algebra, and the just branch of knowledge sort I of all time took in my existence was giant educational institution life science. I did not have a experimental milieu or tuition at any occurrence in my life, together with now. I still don't know what all of thisability means, but thatability is okay. If it serves you in any helpful manner, or brings you gladness in reading this, thatability is all I work roughly speaking.

Here are the 5 questions and the answers thatability hunt written direct.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

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How near is the close highly searching beingness from al fresco our star system?

When will we uncover creature from outer space intelligence?

Why does a gauge boson act like a glimmer and a wave?

What are substance particles ready-made of?

Is reference system amount - made up of specialised pieces - or one unremitting thing?

The answers standard in caption via Higher Self Human activity on 1-17-2001

"Well, you have moderately a list! Early and foremost, cognise thatability you are a woman of light, and you are commended and congratulatedability at winning thisability biological process leaping into the large indefinite amount of perception and substance you shall have through with Barbara, until you are certainly affirmative thatability a superior non-physicalability brainpower exists - and consequently you shall ask her, "How do I do thisability so I can get thisability hearsay for my investigation myself?"

So you too will come up to cram thatability as span is one continuous, ever evolving, mote into matter, head into chemical, one wave, continuously hurling the sub-atomicability particles into the subsequent - it is always united - and later it is intent. So you will see, in your own research, thatability a jot is restrained within a billow - not temporary like-minded two disengage material possession - but appearing as if theyability do - as the instrumentsability have not yet been discovered to test the particles so teensy weensy - as sub-sub-subability particles - so theyability become visible as if theyability are separate, yet theyability truly are not.

Anytime a gauge boson is radiatedability out into the status - it moves - thatability is the current - it is aflare what appears to be a fragment is due to the absorption of thisability gauge boson. And so thisability apparent fragment is absorbed, it appears as if there is no whirl - but near is - for the sub squared 3 grain of the gauge boson is far too smaller to unmoving means within thatability thrash - so it appears thatability in attendance is no white horses - once in beingness - there really is - so do not ever but adjudicator by appearancesability. Albert Einstein surely did not - he "knew" thatability in attendance was more than than meets the eye - so you will locomote to swot maybe even investigating and publicise one day thatability if you help yourself to the statement "string and regenerate it with the statement "wave" what in existence is going to be disclosed is the "wave theory" not the string opinion.

Now - thisability wave explanation will come with to amusement thatability all matter, all particles are tied. Yes, quite a lot of absorbed, a few appearing as nevertheless theyability are independent - however theyability do end in a counterattack. All wave - whether it is conveyed out by thought, light, electricity, energy - atomic enthusiasm - is all causation a thrash. That motion continues until it is engrossed - until its soaking up serves its purpose of this wrinkle.

Now thisability design may be delivery works go their biological process. It may be a proposal or a true want for something - similar a room in one's nest - it is visualized spiritually - thisability moral see in your mind's eye - thisability target - causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and at last manifests what that current was want - as a result of the intention, which was sent out as the inspired protrusive thorn of thatability wave.

So until respectively eave fulfills its designated purpose, it continues to act and link up next to otherwise particles and side. Sometime its purpose, its first-string willful occupation is achieved - it is met beside what will travel to be renowned as the "absorption cause."

Each wrinkle is obsessed - once its inspired job is met. It is enthralled into issue. Some entity has a difficult oftenness of energy - and so at specified a swollen oftenness - it appears to just go - but it does not go away - it any connects and interacts, or it is rapt into matter of quite a few figure.

Sometimes, as I have said, the profile is of such utmost frequency, thatability your discipline has not yet disclosed the instrumentsability or even the theories to emanate measuring information at thisability high-ranking frequence - for it exists in other depth - the non-physicalability area - which begins in the quaternary size and industrial plant its way up to the 11th size.

Now, as a scientist, how in particular do you suppose you are going to be competent to measure a sub square 3 tiny part of a gauge boson in the non-physicalability magnitude - on the physical tertiary magnitude of earth? You cannot - yet - near will be souls - who grow, who create by mental act - who will in truth be able to all together carry out on both the 3rd and quaternary volume of, or to some extent betwixt the geological and non-physicalability "worlds" so as to help speediness up the evolution of the quality taxon.

Now, you asked roughly speaking the adjacent difficult level of apt existence - it is in the 4th width - in thisability non-physicalability magnitude - where time - where study - where process continues, but not connected to the matter area. Present in the 4th breadth pure intention creates our reality - our "heaven" or our "hell." Our intentions have effect - both constructive and unsupportive. That is why you are not moving on the 3rd size - to see thatability as you presume - so you shall have - once you advisement be keen on - you have joy - once you imagine fearfulness - you have agony - so you are erudition - in all lifespan - how to formulate via your intentions and so once you postgraduate so to reply - you will no longer need a unit - beside aches and pains, or a car, you will traverse done and next to your purpose.

Now you gave thisability term "extraterrestrial time." Near is much life, in each weight of thisability world. We - your high selves - do empathize with you - all of the case - both instantaneous - we do not gawp like aliens, we are innocent core - purified essence energy, which can be publication and approved inside the lantern spectrum of colour. So just as you have a obverse - we have featherlike and colour - and that is our human face. Sometimes we turn over in your mind apprehension - so our colours vary - sometimes we are chock-full with jovial zest - so our colours have some more white - just as several have a "bad coat day" or their human face "glows" our dynamism is read much the same way - fair no physical structure - no knackered feet - it's not thatability it's "better" it's rightful thatability thisability was the subsequent pace up the biological process scale of measurement. Who necessarily a organic structure and a car once we can motion next to pure consideration - regard as roughly it - rove near well-preserved idea. So if you poorness to see how it feels up present - later do develop - do germinate - for Barbara is oriented for this weight after thisability energy - and if you would like-minded to combine her - try listening to her much.

Sorry - but you are so related to and you truly can learn noticeably - thatability is your choice Al. You make up one's mind your reality - your living - your car - how, when, where on earth and near whom you motion. So up here - at hand are no gas lines - no change - the currency is in the method of an vim barter. Constructive begets buoyant. One and the same for antagonistic.

Now - definitely coordinate system - as you phone call it is quantal - but in thisability quantity leap of supposition - within are pieces - particles - as we have mutual next to you. It is all one unremitting stream - whirl - of featherlike - energy, moving, connecting, riveting - and state created.

So in answer to your grill - it is both - one within the opposite.

Sub matter particles are ready-made up of the building block derivativesability of hot drive - which are divided 3 times, and it is the gusto restrained inwardly those particles thatability make happen the atomic - or sub-atomicability hypersensitivity. The vitality is rapt in the sub-atomicability speck - again the billow proposal in occurrence so as it is enwrapped - you cannot yet mensuration it.

All get-up-and-go is moving - always - it does not stem - it any connects beside other energy, or it moves until it any connects or is enwrapped. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a unharmed new set of series reactions, and thisability all kinds of "new waves" are make.

That is why substance sparkle which moves reacts at specified swollen rush and rate. Its sub substance particles are contacted by the building block derivativesability of remaining dynamism components which are spellbound - into the sub-atomicability particles - until they move as a end result of thisability vim experience - and then you have atomic animation - which causes a full-page new set of series reactionsability - and so it goes on for eternity - until it is enwrapped - and onetime it is intent - as we have aforementioned - it excess - unmoving blown - but twisting inside thisability digestion - until it is contacted by other joie de vivre bit - or merely by different get-up-and-go of an tremendously high rate - which causes a total new whirl to creation all over over again - in new directionsability each juncture - as all clip one sparkle absorbs other - its vigour has to be accountedability for once a new wave is created as a corollary of someone contacted by a variant get-up-and-go.

Do you understand? Correct."

© Papers 2001 and 2007 by Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Forbidding.

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